Punjabi Singing duo Deep & Jaismeen coming back with new duets

Duet Couple Deep Dhillon And Jaismeen Jassi Punjabi Singing, Especially Duet Singing Has Always Been Favourite Singing Style Of Punjabi Life. Timely Changes Has Also Not Let Down The Duet Singing. Deep Dhillon Jaismeen Jassi Is one duo Who Have Been Ruling In duet Singing From Long Time. Deep Dhillon Was Born In Village Kotra In Mansa District Home To Father Gurcharan Singh, And Mother Tej Kaur. Deep Dhillon Owns All Rounded Personality. One Reason Why Deep Dhillon Jaismeen Jassi Pair Has Been Ruling The Hearts Of People For A Long Time Is That They Have Kept The Smooth One Of Life To Gegether. Ever Since The Pair Became The Choice Of The Audience Both Of The Them Decided That They Would Spend Rest Of Their Life Under One Roof, Means In Real Life They Were Tied In Sacred Relationship Of husband And Wife. The Rare Quality Of Performing Duet And Preforming Stage Art Comes In Very Few Couple. The Pair Have An Artistic And Valuable Treasure Of Preforming Of Stage. Deep Dhillon Knocked Into The Music Arena With His First Cassette ‘Tour Jatt Di’. After This Under The Supervision Of The Famous Lyricist Karamjit He Joined The Music World With His Cassette ‘Haazri’ Took A Such Hight That This Duo Is Counted In The Line Of World’ Most Famous Signing Couple. After ‘Haazri’. The Pair Put Six Consecutive Super hit Cassettes Infront Of Their Fans. ‘Dabb Lye Labildaari Ne’, ‘Haazri’, ‘Car Maruti Rees Kru Ki Ford Tractor Di’, ‘Love Marriage’, ‘Jatt Paani Di Vaari De Pichhe Lad Pye’,’Kismat De Naal Milda Kamliye Pyar Bhajurga Da’, Etc. Songs Further Deepened The Duo Of Deep And Jaimseen Have The Art Entertaining The Audience With Captivating Performance. The Speciality Of This Pair Is That They Recognize The Pair Is That They Recognize The Pulse Of Time Well. The Pair Succeeded In Connecting With Audience Off All Categories With Their Distinct Singing Style. This Is One Of The Reasons Why The Pair Has A Good Hold In Weddings And Cultural Fairs When The Voice Market Is Going In Losses. Every Color is Heard In The Songs Why The Pair Has A Good Hold In Weddings And Cultural Fairs When The Voice Market Is Going In Losses. Every color Is Heard In The Songs Of Deep And Jaimseen. Most Of The Punjabi Life Is Seen In His Songs Especially Village Life. Evr Since The Area Of Making Videos Of Songs Has Been Gone On, Since Than The Pairs’s Inclination Has Invreased In Acting. While Making Their Debut In The Silver Screen Deep And Jaismseen Have Given Evidence Of Their Good Acting Through Their Film ‘Rehamtan’. Even Through Thid Film Was Not Released O Large Scale, This Film Was Still Very Much Liked By People Of Punjab. While Talking To Deep And Jaismeen He Told That Another Film Of His ‘Rabba Rabba Mee Varssa’Is Going To Be Released. Deep Dhillon Has Made New Experiences In Music Field. After Being A Singer Actor Now He Has Come To Be The Producer Of Music Company. The duo Of Deep And Jaismeen Have So Far Presented Their Successful Shows In Abroad In Addition To Several Culture Fairs In Punjab. The Song Introduced By The Pair Such As ‘Pagg Te Lehnga’, ‘Badla’, ‘Dil De Doon’, ‘Ford 3600’ And ‘Reel’, Have Gained Good Name In The Era Of Single Tracks Running Today. The Duo Of Deep And Jaimseen Are Soon Going To Appear In The Court Of Music Lovers With New Duets.


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