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The 'High End Yarriyan' will be released in theaters of Australia, USA and UK

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Punjabi Post ‘High End Yarriyan’ is going to release on a large scale worldwide on February 22nd. While this film will be released in different states of India, there is also a list of overseas cinemas. This film is now released in India, U. S. A. And in the UK besides Australia.
 This information is shared by the movie ‘High End Yarriyan’ on the social media by the Starcast. The hero of the film, Instagram of Jassi Gill, Ranjeet Bawa and Ninja And some posters have been shared on the Facebook page, in which UK And US list of theaters where the movie ‘High End Yarriyan’ is being released. Let me tell you that this film is produced by Sandeep Bansal, Pankaj Batra, Dinesh Aulakh and Balvinder Kohli, under the banner of Pitara Talkies Pvt Ltd, Pankaj Batra Films and Speed Records. Pankaj Batra has directed this film

Gurjit Singh’s story and script based film-based dialogues Jatinder Lall and Ameer Shoaib have written. The story of a completely new theme, which has taken place from the mainstream, is the love of three friends who went abroad to study. Humorous humor and compulsions are based on life, as well as emotions, friendship, love-seeking It will show the importance of emotional relationships. Jassi Gill, Ranjeet Bawa, Ninja, Gurnam Bhullar, Navneet, will also showcase the lives of urban and rural youths, which will showcase the different surroundings of three youth who reached abroad for education from Punjab. Kaur Dhillon, Dushan Kaur Sethi, Arushi Sharma, Neet Kaur and Hobby Dhaliwal etc. have played important role in the film. Munish Sahni, the film’s distributor ‘Omzee Group’.

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