High level at Cultural Fair of 'Mela Kathar' on 13th and 14th September, 2017

Jalandhar is the land of saints and gurus. Wherever these lands have received the footsteps of these great people, these places have become historic and there are fairs held there . Dargah Baba Nabi Baksh village Kathar (Adampur) is also one of the places which has earned the name of the soul associated with Baba Nabi Baksh. This place attracts a big fair every year and thousands of devotees from across the Punjab c,e to visit Baba Nabi Baksh Dargah. During the fair, Punjab’s famous film producer Sonu L.A. (Bhana) AB production large cultural festival is organized very well by the Productions and Alahi Brothers where the famous singers of Punjab show their talents in their presence of audience. It is worth mentioning that this fair is the at the first place in the top cultural festivals of Punjab where around 5 dozen star artists have their attendence. Mela Kathar has now reached its 20th year and this year’s fair is being organized on 13th and 14th September and preparations for this date are told by Sonu L.A. (Bhana) and Alahi Brothers. It is to be mentioned that this fair is held in Kathar Adampur village on Hoshiarpur Road near Jalandhar.

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