Efforts will be made to raise awareness, expansion and dignity of mother tongue 'Punjabi', Jazzy B's song 'Maa Bolli'

Bollywood Post- Super Star Singer and Actor Jazzy B is a name in the musician field, which has kept Punjabi Pop songs as well as cultural and folk songs, with a view to attracting its audience. Gayak Jazzy B Now, with my new song ‘Maa Bolli’, Punjabi is going to increase the in of Mother tongue. On 21st February that is going to be released on the occasion of Punjabi Mother Language Day, singer Jazzy B. has tried to promote Punjabi language, promotion and expansion of Punjabi language.
Due to the pen of Ninder Morawali, this song will show the English language influences on Punjabi mother tongue, there will be Punjabi literature, culture, historical events and patriotism. In this song, the singer Jazzy B will be seen in a completely new and different style. The Punjabi mother speaks about the language. One jazzy said that Punjabi language is the mother tongue of our Punjabis and mother tongue is a kind of resource that we are able to connect with our heritage, culture, history and origin. The mother tongue is the personal, social and cultural identification of a person. After the birth, after hearing the mother language in her mother tongue, who speaks in a speech and learns to speak with her speech and refrains from mother and other family members, The same mother tongue is said. He further said that the mother wanted to sing a song in the language of the service and she was in love with the song and she was looking for the song which was given by the lyricist Nindar Morawali After coming to Spark, this song is complete.
 ‘Maa bolli ‘ Video Shooting of the song, directed by Stalinvir Sidhu and Satnam Singh ‘S.C. Creation’ has been shooting at different places in village Lidhara and Gurdwara Mastuana Sahib very attractive and well. It is worth mentioning that Stalinvir Sidhu is known as a very big name for the cultural and clean musical videos in the Pollywood area. During this, director Stalinvir Sidhu and Satnam Singh said that this song by singer Jazzy B. Hauran on Mother’s Day is a tremendous achievement. It is an initiative and it is very happy for their team that they have become part of it. The song, which is adorned with composing musical melodies by musician Aman Hayer, will be released by Jazzy B’s personal label ‘Jazzy B Records’. On this occasion, close friends of Jazzy B. Dinesh Aulakh, Goga Dhaliwal, Jind Jawanda, Geetkar Nandar Morawali, songwriter Vicky Dhaliwal And DPO Ashwani Thapar were also present.