The kavishri of Babu Rajab ali khan "BABU JI" is sung by Ranjit bawa and won the hearts of people

Chandigarh: Renowned singer Ranjit Bawa, who has provided a number of super hit songs in the Punjabi musical field, has recently been presenting some new kavishri in the form of poetry for music lovers.The poet of Kavishari and the poet of the Shiromani Kavishar Babu Rajab Ali Khan, known as the spirit of Malwa,Ranjit bawa has taken the heart of the audience by singing in his voice. Believe that the sound of the melodious voice, the music and the poetic vocabulary hosted is remarkable.
While giving this information, Ranjeet Bawa’s Manager Deputy Vohra said that since Ranjit Bawa had wishing to sing Kavishari for many years, it hbpas now been fulfilled with the love and blessings of the audience. He further said that the speed record released this kavishri, musician Nikk Dhumu has been adorned with musical tunes and video is very well-crafted by Mohit Mida (Frame Singh Films) and Director Puneet Singh Bedi.


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