Waris brothers explains the pains of farmers life in their new song.

Chandigarh – A new song to show the pain of suicides due to economic hardships of farmers by the three bright stars of Manmohan Waris, Kamal Heer and Sangtar, who painted the Punjabi folk song of Punjab ,which raised the flag of Punjabi, through a melodious voice in the world. ‘Farmer’ is in a lot of discussion these days. In this song where Manmohan Waris, Sangtar and Kamal Heer have talked about the challenges of farmers, there has raised the issue of government policies and suicides. Heritage brothers have always talked of Punjabi culture and social concerns through their songs. This ‘Kisaani’ song of Waris brothers has become a must for the audience today when the farmers of Punjab are waiting for forgiveness promises. The song has been written by the famous young songwriter Gill Raunte Wala and the music has been given by Sangtar . This song is recorded on the show ‘Punjabi Heritage 2017’ held in Melbourne.